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weeks of group flying home

Le 19 March 2015, 09:03 dans Humeurs 0

holding approximately 592 million shares, accounting for 87.9%. In terms of the issue price of 22.99 yuan  share calculation, Zhou Qun flying market value of shares in unlisted companies before about 13.6 billion yuan, but after yesterday's close, the market value of its holdings have become 19.6 billion yuan, which means that its net worth in one day soaring 60 billion.This is just the beginning weeks of group flying home jumped the road, because the market investors market outlook blue Synopsys are very optimistic, as the compan nike air max 2015 mens  y's stock price to climb step by step, Zhou Qun market shares may even fly up to 500 billion yuan, which go beyond the current net worth of 440 billion mainland's richest woman - Country Garden's Yang Yan. Studies indicate that the majority of brokers to target blue Synopsys given price in the vicinity of 60 yuan  share, while Essence Securities is even more optimistic, gives a target price of 69.75 yuan highest  share. "Broker price estimates were given relatively conservative estimate is based on the industry average, while adding new shares hype factor, blue Synopsys stock price will certainly be more than the maximum estimate given by the broker, possibly even break 100 yuan . "a Beijing-based investment adviser Huatai Securities Sales Department says. Capital

it will not only provide a reference for investors to select and portfolio investment targets, but also so that more do not have to open an account qualified investors to participate in the market in the past. Meanwhile, Xie Geng also said that with the release of the index, raised funds entering the market three new board also opened the door.In fact, as early as February 16, raised funds and brokerage services in information management products clearing technology systems already on the line, and after the release of the index, the public fund investment policy of the new board will be officially landing. "With the index, the new board will have to invest a reference barometer index funds or other index derivatives will have sprung up, there are already many companies set upnike air max thea 2 mens  a special fund investment research team, actively developing three new board-related product, only to be approved by regulators. "Southern Fund chief strategist, said Yang Delong.Galaxy Securities researcher also three new board Beijing Daily reporter said that with the rapid expansion of two weeks before the new three-panel volume, market attention, the new board is increasing, while the index of the conference attracted more investors to get involved . Currently, ordinary investors three new board has a certain

threshold, even if the fund account products from 100 million investment criteria, raised funds is the best way to participate in the new board of retail investment. According to market heat of view, once raised product launches, investors will suffer berserk.Faced with the new board of the new value of the depression, not only eager investors, brokerage, trust and other agencies have vied for. According to sta nike air max 90 mens  tistics, a few months ago, there were already more than 80 products available only to information management, and the South fund official said the company is already filing two raised products. Because the issue of "ST Hunan, Hubei debt" puttable payment defaults occur, Branch cloud network (002,306) yesterday received under Beijing Securities Regulatory Commission issued a "letter of regulatory concern." Funding gap from the current situation of the company's point of view, in the April 5 for honor debt remains high.April 5, 2012, the Division predecessor Xiangeqing cloud network has publicly issued 480 million yuan of corporate bonds, issuance rate of 6.78% five-year period for the repayment of bank loans and complement the

Shanghai and Hong Kong

Le 19 March 2015, 09:00 dans Humeurs 0

Kong through the launch of the short trading, after Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening at the end of last year, to foreign investors can buy and sell A shares of a trading channel, but at the beginning, Shanghai stocks through trading patterns can only be one way to do more in order to make money, which is far from meeting the foreign investors to invest in A shares of enthusiasm, so Shanghai stocks through short mec  nike air max 90 hyperfuse salehanism may have come into being. By the combined effects of multiple factors, on the 18th Dikaigaozou Tokyo stock market, the Nikkei 225 stock average closing price index rose 0.55 percent over the previous trading day, recovering 19500-point mark, and hit a 15-year high.Day Tokyo foreign exchange market, the yen rose against the dollar edged back to a relatively high ratio of 121.31, the export sector selling first. In the above context, the Tokyo stock market opened slightly lower.Fed rate statement released before market sentiment warming, investors cautious trading, stock index during early trading two sluggish performance, the Nikkei index fell 0.07 percent at the end of the morning.Into the midday, thanks to China's stock market continued good performance, market sentiment got a boost. In addition, the Japanese government's Bureau released data show that the number of

foreign tourists to Japan in February to 1.387 million passengers, an increase of 57.6%, tourism related stocks and retail stocks subsequently been sought. Affected by the above factors, the two major stock indexes erased early losses, the Nikkei stock index hit 19,555.72 points intraday. As of late, the two major stock indexes continue to rise pattern.The same day, banking, motor industry and other stocks led the gains, forestry and fisheries, mining industry and other stocks fell forward. To close, the Nikkei index rose 107.48 points  nike air max 95 mens   to close at 19,544.48 points; Tokyo Stock Exchange price index rose 11.96 points to close at 1582.46 points, or 0.76 percent. By the International Energy Agency, the impact of increased production demand is not the actual improvement of the report, the international oil price March 16 fell 2 percent, hitting a low of six years. Social institutions predict that the domestic oil market is getting stronger lowered expectations, March 26 or 24 will usher in fall.March 16, New York crude oil futures extended losses, dropping the lowest intraday $ 43.57 a barrel, the lowest since March 2009. Analysis, March 13 the International Energy Agency (IEA) released a report on the international price of oil pressure. The report was released after international oil prices all the way

down. Decline in domestic gasoline and diesel wholesale channel, turnover remained low. If the post-oil remain volatile downward direction, the change was still keeps dropping in the negative range, 26 March 24 will usher in the domestic refined oil or down. Wang projects get together this year the market has become an indisputable fact, some areas may even close melee. According to Asian high statistics show that Beijing 2015 will be about 20 years, "one hundred thousand" of the top luxury market, of which only about 2,000 new projects can offer suites source, or a total value of 800 billion yuan. And by 2015, the average price of the sum of net signed Beijing history of more than 10 million project for 117 units. In other words, the supply of this year was 17 times a  nike air max 97 onlines high as the top of the historical volume.About 2,000 increments meleeMarch 13, Paul Li Haide Park officially launched its floor king products, this is the first year of the city's top luxury push new projects during the year will have to wait 20 or so top-ho market.Many top luxury project leader admitted to reporters that the project had in the year the stock market trader, and to bear some of the task, so enormous pressure on marketing this year.Compared with other top Howe, Paul  park's hot trend continued last year, has completed the opening years of the signing of the amount of 490 million yuan again, by the market continued to blitz. This year plans to launch 260 square meters and 305 square

Yingda Securities chief

Le 19 March 2015, 09:00 dans Humeurs 0

624,400 yuan, accounting for 0.05% short sale transaction. The thought that finally broke through the Shanghai stock status quo Short zero turnover, and entered the era of two-way trade, did not think a piece of paper to clarify the notice HKEx make Shanghai shares through the two-way trade again in the foreseeable future, China Ping An transaction data is also instantly cleared. HKEx announcement made during yesterday's close, "said Stock Exchange on March 18, 2015 exchange participant received a report on China's Ping An erroneous input short sale transaction data."Before HKEx rumor, Beijing Chinese Commercial News reporters Cai Fang and Le Yingda Securities chief economist Li Xiao, although it turns out this is a wrong deal, but its China Ping An has become the subject of t   salomon speedcross 3 cs menshe first single short sale transaction is not surprised. "China Ping became the first single to short that the company is not the subject of what went wrong, but because China Ping An H shares traded in Hong Kong are often the focus of the company is short." Lida Xiao said.It is understood that, A-share market in 2010 launched the beginning of margin trading business, the margin is showing a "princes reading of the phenomenon," far more than the balance of the financing margin balance, A-share trading market has been difficult to

maintain a voucher demand situation, and often those heavyweights coupons easier to borrow, China Ping An has been in Hong Kong would often become the subject of shorting stocks.Multiple factors contain shortWhile yesterday's results through short selling of shares in Shanghai eventually became a "clumsy", but because of short selling turnover is very small, so there is no impact on China's Ping An A-share stock price. Short Selling Turnover from China Ping An and the proportion of short-selling, the first single short sale transactions of little significance, China Ping An rose 3.64 percent yesterday, also shows that if this single short sale transaction, the investor will appear Fukui, according to Beijing Daily reporter compared the average price of short sales   salomon xt hornet shoesand China Ping An's closing price, the short seller will Fukui day about 151,200 yuan.Insiders said that Fukui is currently the Shanghai stock through short trading has zero turnover of the main reasons, especially in the second wave of A bull market is approaching, the risk has increased short A shares. "Nobody has been through Shanghai stocks short is short because of the risk is quite large, and once done backwards, then it will lead to huge losses in recent days, A-share market did experience a short squeeze, rose continuously,

 and other markets up high Later, investors will consider shorting opportunity knocks, the time zero turnover will probably break through. "Southern Fund chief strategist, said Yang Delong.HKEx Chief Executive Officer Charles Li had publicly stated that "the opening of the focus, the future will slowly optimization of short selling, short selling securities at the beginning will take some time." Meanwhile, the Shanghai Stock Exchange chairman Gui Minjie said, "under the Hong Kong and Shanghai through mechanisms SBL more difficult, but at present the proportion of short selling requirements are more stringent, these are the Shanghai stock through short selling transactions, mainly due to the constraints."Insiders said that, short selling is difficult, there is a limit transaction is Shanghai shares through lack of motivation of objective factors, and the current A-share market opened bull market has become a short A-shares by foreign investors dare subjective factors. Beijing Daily Reporter noted that, salomon xt hornet mensalthough currently there are 414 available for foreign investors to short the A shares, but the majority of the underlying shares for which the number of shares sold short is very small, some only a few hundred shares can be sold short as music Kay film only 200 shares can be sold short; some may be the number of short-selling stocks or even zero, such as full diesel power, Cangzhou Dahua, City Investment Holdings, the wave of software, Fujian Cement etc; the largest

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